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We design quality furniture, using only the finest materials and fabrics. All pieces are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen. Our products can be customized to taste and for larger projects we offer personal consulting in our Design Studio. There you can collaborate with an interior designer and choose everything from colors and materials down to specific dimensions. At Antima Living we design with the end user in mind. Combining craftsmanship and materials with superior functionality and comfort.


Antima Living was founded in 2020 and is a part of Antima group. A collection of companies with interests spanning from homes and furniture, to lifestyle articles and entertainment.

Our story began all the way back 1929 when our great grandfather established himself as a decorator and master painter. Years later he was joined by his son, a highly skilled restorer and the business slowly grew. Their love for the arts was inherited by our father, John Brendmoe who in 1982 took the company from paint and decor into the world of real estate. He was a painter by trade, but quickly realized he wanted to do more. Soon enough he started renovating residential properties and renowned buildings in Norway before successfully making the transition to luxury villas in his beloved Marbella. Today that company known is as Antima Homes and is synonyms with the creation of extraordinary turnkey houses around the world.

Antima Living is the latest addition to the family business-tree and a natural evolution of what has been. Our heritage is what drives us forward and our values have remained unchanged for centuries.


Creative process

Our heritage is what drives us forward. Antima’s core values have remained unchanged for four generations: creativity, quality, craftsmanship.

Antima Living’s experienced and skilled design team is involved in every step of the process, from design concept to hand selecting exquisite fabrics from the finest suppliers in Europe. We are proud of the relationships we have built with master craftsmen throughout Spain who have the skill and knowledge to bring our ideas to life.

From the sketch
to production

Our knowledge and experience of the luxury homes market gives Antima Living a clear understanding of the process involved in creating a calm, comfortable environment for clients to enjoy, whether it is for entertaining guests or spending time with family and loved ones.

When we design a piece of furniture, we first evaluate the space and the surrounding environment. Only then do we put pen to paper, sketching ideas, establishing colour schemes and selecting fabrics. Once all these elements are finalized, production starts and, at the hands of our master craftsmen and artisans, our ideas are brought to life, resulting in beautiful individual pieces of furniture, each item distinguishable from the next.

Quality and functionality

We are passionate about the materials we use, and we value the exceptional skills of our furniture manufacturers. Every piece is created in Spain which means that we can oversee every part of the process, ensuring the high standard of quality and detail that is synonymous with Antima Living.

And with quality comes exceptional comfort. Our designs always have the end user in mind, combining incredible functionality and superior comfort while creating  amazing aesthetic spaces in every corner of your home.

When you invest in a piece of Antima Living you are investing in your quality of life.


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